Ten on Ten :: September 2016

Been a while since I've been in this space... a lot has happened since I was last here. I don't have much to say about that right now. Maybe one day... not today.  Today I'm staying in the moment and choosing to focus my attention on finding the joy that surrounds me when I choose to look. 

Today... Today was a very good day. Xx

Ten on Ten :: May 2015 >> My First Mother's Day!

Happy Ten on Ten!
Finding life and beauty in the ordinary things of our day to day!

Such a lovely first Mother's Day. Brunch with family. Beautiful weather. And being reunited with my husband after a long two weeks apart. I really couldn't have wished for anything more...  My heart is so full. xoxo

{Finally, a little ME time} {Mama Bear} {Fresh Berries and Coconut Cream} {Papa and Baby Girl} {All I want for Mother's Day is a decent photo with my daughter... Is this really too much to ask?? - and yes, that is spit up on my shoulder.} {Love my Nana} {Taking a Break} {Already??} {On the Road Again} {Last stretch of the journey... finally homeward bound to Portland!}
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