Caitlyn's Birth Announcement

So last week Drew and I finally completed Caitlyn's birth announcement and sent it out to family and friends. It was pretty fun brainstorming and collecting items to pull it all together... and even though it didn't turn out exactly as I had envisioned I think it's pretty darn cute! The perfectionist in me is quickly learning that when it comes to time management with a baby sometimes done is better than perfect. :)

I love that we were able to incorporate a few gifts Caitlyn received into the photo. I think it just makes it that much more special and memorable. Maybe I just find it comforting because we are so far away from family and incorporating them into her announcement in some way kind of takes the edge off missing everyone so much during these early days with a newborn... The handmade quilt she's laying on (backside up) and ballerina are gifts from Caitlyn's nana and that cute outfit is from her sweet older cousin, Josie, who we can't wait to introduce to baby girl in April when we head back to the States!

Her crown was a concoction Drew whipped up with an empty tp roll and a little left over yellow tissue paper he found in my gift wrap supplies. My favorite element however are the little letter blocks that spell Caitlyn. We created those just for this special occasion. If I have a chance I'll post a DIY on how we put them together.



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