Ten on Ten :: February 2015

Happy Ten on Ten!
Finding life and beauty in the ordinary things of our day to day!


Today was a gorgeous day! The weather was perfect. I wanted so badly to venture out and enjoy it with my little one, but I have yet to master this skill solo... I'm pretty sure it's a confidence thing because by late afternoon I finally got irritated enough with being housebound that I was able to put up with baby girl's wailing protest while I strapped her into her capsule and then into the "snap 'n go" for mommy's much needed break from our cramped apartment that is only being magnified by the chaos of half packed boxes waiting to be shipped overseas for our upcoming move back to the States.

The up side is that we were able to meet up with Caitlyn's daddy who was on his way home from work at this point and decided to ditch the major in town (and unanticipated) traffic jam created by the World Cup Games being hosted here in town. We were able to go for a nice little family stroll through the park, I got some exercise, fresh air (and fresh perspective on the day), while Caitlyn finally dozed off for her late afternoon nap before supper.

Definitely a lovely ending to such a beautiful day. Hope you too were able to find some beauty in today's ordinary. Xoxo

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