Ten on Ten :: March 2015

Happy Ten on Ten!
Finding life and beauty in the ordinary things of our day to day!

Admittedly, I was a little disappointed with this months installment of Ten on Ten. One, because I'm late posting, and two, because I only managed to capture half the set. Such a bummer! I really had high hopes for this month considering it will be my last Ten on Ten set in New Zealand as we're moving back to the States in just two short weeks... It was definitely a challenge this month. Had my hands full with the cute little peanut featured below, but I do believe I managed to capture the beauty of my day in all its simplicity nonetheless, which I guess is the point of this project...

Today was really just about celebrating the little successes. For example, little miss actually napped long enough this afternoon for me to pack a suitcase! Yippee! We are sloowwwly chipping away at our lengthy to do list of things that need sorting before our rapidly approaching departure date arrives. And Caitlyn and I managed a lovely walk through the park with our friend Imke, who has been an awesome support to me throughout my pregnancy and has been regularly checking in on us about once a week since Caitlyn arrived. Today she had impeccable timing and showed up at my door just in time to help distract my fussy baby so that I could put some makeup on, get dressed, and throw my wet hair up in to messy bun so that we could actually get out of the house! Thank you, Imke! Guess the other success to acknowledge is that I actually managed a shower this morning without my daughter waking from her nap 5 minutes into it and serenading me with her disapproval... It really is about the small things when you have a little one, isn't it? ;)

{The wee small hours} {Getting sorted...} {My little munchkin} {Bright eyes} {Pout face} 
{It was a take-away kind of night} {All clean!}

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