Apartment Therapy :: Session II

A little Thirty3Gloucester Inspiration for you this morning... Warm neutrals and a bit of whimsy woven together with simplicity.... as I've noted in the past, I am a girl who adores tons of natural sunlight.... and one who is obsessed with the contrast of wood against bare white walls. Love. I sure am lucky to have a husband who is open to my design tastes and one who is such a skilled woodworker that he can make my ideas a reality. :)

A simple, relaxed retreat to call home. At least, this is the vibe we hope to create in our new space.  One that is soothing and welcoming. What do you think?

Images: coat rack: Le Repère des Belettes | French minimalism art: A Thoughtful Eye | open shelving and décor: Father Rabbit | fairytale and house cut-out: Merchant Design Studio | underwater man sketch: Refined Vices | bubble vase: Henhurst Interiors | building: Kerry Murray Photography | stairs: Vosgesparis 2.0 | chunky knit and round mirror: Dust Jacket | Audrey Hepburn quote: Pinterest | pallet wood bed: Could I have that? | car and Roman bridge: Kerry Murray Photography

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