Ten on Ten :: June 2013

Happy Ten on Ten!
Finding life and beauty in the ordinary things of our day to day!

Joining my sister, Rebekah, again this month for Ten on Ten. I'm really glad I finally joined her for this project. It's so lovely to see just how different each 10th day looks from month to month and I love being able to take the time to stop and reflect on how many blessings I collect in a day.... 

{laundry day} {as winter crept in} {exposed plumbing} {no more hot-plate!} {island loving} {heart of the city} {winter on the Avon} {chrome gnomes} {windmill} {the neighbors}

Today was a pretty low-key day spent at home, but full of blessings none the less! That beautiful island top is the newest home project cooked up by Mr. Robinson over the weekend. It's still in progress and needs a base, but I am absolutely loving how it's turning out and am so excited to gain the extra counter space! Doesn't that lovely little bowl of chesnuts and walnuts that I gathered on a recent forage at the park look great against the reclaimed-pine table?

Our new (refurbished) stove was finally installed this morning too! Very exciting! So, of course I had to wander over to the market for some chocolate chip cookie baking supplies to test out our new oven! As I walked, I realized a new section of the city has been reopened, so I found myself wandering through to check out the progress. I didn't walk all the way through to Cathedral Square, but from the first city frame you can see Christchurch Cathedral straight ahead (down the trolly line) in the heart of the city rebuild project, cost of which will top 30 billion dollars before she's fully restored. It's been said, it will take upwards of 50 million dollars alone to restore the Cathedral. That last frame is the road construction currently underway right outside our front door. You can't tell in the picture, but the construction runs all the way down Montreal (spilling onto Gloucester) for 5 blocks! Bit of a headache right now, but will be lovely when it's all done.

Have a great week everyone!

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