Ten on Ten :: July 2013

Happy Ten on Ten everyone! Ok.... Ten on Eleven... for July anyway.

Last night, Drew surprised me with an early anniversary gift and took me to the symphony! By the time we made it home I thought it was too late to post anything and since it's still the 10th in the USA, I figured this post still counts for ten on ten. :)

We had such a lovely, romantic evening starting with drinks at our new favorite bar here in town - Baretta! It's only been open 3 weeks and we've been there several times already. Friendly staff, quick service (we told them we were in a rush to see the show), good food and classic cocktails. And beautiful ambiance!

The symphony was wonderful! Drew snagged us some great seats and really did a great job planning our date. Usually I'm the one who does the planning, so this was a fabulous treat!

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This month really crept up on me. I find myself saying this a lot these days, but the time we've spent in New Zealand have been some of the fastest moving months of my life. So much of it has been a blur and I still, after nearly 8 months, feel as though I'm stuck in a time warp or some alter-universe that has become our life... I am increasingly forgetful, have seemed to have misplaced my (thought to be at one time) well-developed organization skills, and still find myself counting the months on my fingers to figure out where in the seasonal chart we are and what that means for the ones we love in the northern hemisphere of this planet.

I had nearly forgotten about Ten on Ten this month until it was knocking on my door. That said, I really didn't have any expectations for the images I captured in this month's set. I figured these images would be anything but exciting, however after looking through the pictures that I did manage to get helped me realize how much progress we've made around our house, creating a cozy little home built from scratch. I love seeing what I was able to capture and am so thankful that it coincided with such a special date night for Mr. Robinson and I.

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