Ten on Ten :: August 2013

Happy Ten on Ten!
Finding life and beauty in the ordinary things of our day to day! 

Well, to be quite honest, I wasn't too happy with this month's installment. I've been anticipating Ten on Ten for over a week and had given some thought to how Drew and I should spend it this month considering it fell smack in the middle of (what was suppose to be) a beautiful weekend. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here in Christchurch. Apparently, we're experiencing one of the warmest winters on record for this region, something that D and I have been immensely enjoying. With beautiful weather anticipated we packed up a picnic and decided to head out west to explore a bit of Canterbury territory we have yet to discover.  As we set out however, the weather had other plans.... not very conducive for a picnic, but we managed to do a little site-seeing before turning back. After running head-on into some pretty intense fog we decided it would be best to spend the rest of this particular Saturday evening snuggled up with a good movie and a picnic in bed...

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