Labour Weekend :: First Camp-out of Spring!

I wouldn't say Drew or I forgot that Labour Weekend was approaching... more accurately, I'd say we just couldn't decide what to do with the first long weekend since QEII's birthday! So when Saturday morning rolled around and we still hadn't finalized our holiday plans, we were both feeling a bit anxious.  The prospect of staying home in the city on what was shaping up to be a gorgeous weather weekend seemed quite dull!  I think it was after that second cup of coffee that we finally decided it was perfectly appropriate to just the hit open road and drive north up the coast to Gore Bay for some low maintenance car camping. Gore Bay is an easy hour and a half drive from Christchurch and definitely did not disappoint!

We spent two glorious days soaking up the sunshine, laughing and playing on the beach, bbq-ing, and just flat out relaxing as one should on 'labour weekend'.... In fact, so much so that I even managed to snap a photo of my man sun-bathing himself into such a deep slumber that he was snoring aloud quite impressively! If it weren't for the mere certainly that Mr. Robinson would give me the silent treatment for at least a week I would post it. However, I value my marriage, so I'll just hold onto it for future currency. ;)

The best part of the weekend had to be watching the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean. There was something so beautiful and connecting about knowing that this bright star had nearly just put our loved ones back home in the States to bed, and is now waking us up for another day and a new adventure. 

It also got me reflecting on the fact that this was our first camp-out since settling in Christchurch nearly a year ago. For some reason this trip felt much different than all of our coastal wandering this time last year... for me, I think it's because we now have a home to go to when the weekend ends. We're no longer wandering around unfamiliar territory in a new country without a permanent address and nothing to return to in the States (job or home I mean). We have a home here. With belongings. There's a sense of security in that. Drew and I are often asked if we're in New Zealand 'on holiday' (can't escape the accent!). This weekend felt so good meeting new friends also enjoying the long weekend. When asked where we were visiting from we could say confidently - We're from Christchurch... by way of Portland, Oregon. Xx

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