Ten on Ten :: November 2013 :: A Full Harvest

 Happy Ten on Ten!
Finding life and beauty in the ordinary things of our day to day! 

Happy Ten on Ten everyone! Sorry for my tardiness. I took a short little trip to Wanaka this week to visit a friend. I wasn't able to upload my set before heading out of town and then realized once I got there that I had really limited internet access.... Anyway, this month's 'Full Harvest' prompt was quite intriguing and really got me thinking about how hard Drew and I have worked over the past year to make Christchurch our new home...let alone how hard the community has worked to continue recovering from such a tragic natural disaster that happened nearly 3 years ago. 

I haven't quite been able to fully articulate all the emotions swirling around my heart and our little home lately... I have been so nervous about our residency application and waiting to hear the verdict about some medical reports (which will determine the outcome) that I have just been a stress case! And quite honestly, the sound of the constant construction taking place outside our front window has become more like nails on a chalkboard than faint background noise... so this month's prompt was such an awesome and welcome opportunity to reflect on little successes. In fact, I told Drew about the prompt and he decided to join me this month, which was such a treat! So I can't take credit for this entire set, but love that it was a chance for both of us to reflect on our commitments; our investment in each other and this place, and the hope that spring will bear great fruit. We just have to keep holding on and just keep clinging to faith!

{LipstickOnAPig} {Braces} {185EmptyChairs} {LifeAsUsual} {CoffeeOut-takes}{Wanted:$50MillionNZD} {RoadToRecovery} {Re:Start-TemporaryIsPermanent}{AmazingTheDifferenceAFewFlowersCanMake} {DaddiesAtWork}

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