A Thanksgiving Soiree for Two

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

Hope you're enjoying a wonderful day relaxing and rejuvenating in the warm surroundings of family and friends. Drew and I kicked off our Thanksgiving last night (Thursday in New Zealand), which in my mind marked the start of the holiday season! (It's Christmas music from here on out folks! Well, at least until New Year's... or until Mr. Robinson appears to be close to blowing a gasket, then we'll add a little today's hits back into the play list ;)  

We had such a wonderful, low-key evening together at home complete with a fabulous feast - dinner party for two - style. I love the holidays and well, any special occasion that allows me to go all out on the menu! Honestly though, I always seem to go overboard and make way too much food... Oh well, just means we have plenty of left overs to get us into next week!

Drew took today off of work (Thanksgiving in the States), so we could relax at home with an indulgent brunch, stream the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and some American football!...  that's actually what Drew's attempting to do as I type this post....

While I patiently wait, thought I'd share a few shots from our little feast last night and let you know we're thinking of all of you back home.  I hope to share more later this weekend. Until then, lots of holiday love from this little home. And now I'm going to get back to my mimosa and eggs benedict.... 

Cheers! xoxo

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