The Southern Lake District :: Wanaka

I mentioned the other day that I was out of town last week. And, oh my, was it a treat! My friend Shannon invited me to join her with her son, Royal, on holiday in Wanaka for a few days, and goodness, am I glad I did!

This place instantly had my heart! From the moment I stepped off the bus I decided this was a town where I could put my stake in the ground.  Perhaps it was the dramatic juxtiposition of scenery I experienced, leaving behind a city of construction noise and still in many places resemblant of a war zone for stop-in-your-tracks breathtaking, postcard picturesque views of pristine, and in many places, untouched environment.. Or perhaps it was the seven hour bus ride that had me overwhelmed with joy to be rejoined with fresh air and solid ground... regardless, it was love at first sight!

The three of us spent our little getaway soaking in the sunshine, eating great food, sharing a few bottles of local wine (well, girls only), taking in a little tramp and exploring our surroundings. We even took a little day trip through Arrowtown into Queenstown for a little added site-seeing. I'll post more on our Queenstown excursion tomorrow. It was such a delight spending this time together, enjoying each others company by the lake.

In fact, I had such a wonderful time that when I got home I couldn't stop talking about it and actually convinced Mr. Robinson to change our upcoming holiday plans. Instead of traveling back up to Wellington again this year for our anniversary and New Years I convinced him that instead we must head south to the Lake District! We're currently looking for a place to stay and plan to spend New Years at Rhythm & Alps, a music festival set amongst the gorgeous landscape of Cardrona Valley... more on that later if our plans pan out... Meanwhile, I'll continue to basque in the memories of these photos 'til we can get back out there.

Thank you Shannon and Royal for inviting me to join you last week. I had such a wonderful time exploring and getting to know both of you a little better. Hope we get to plan another trip soon! Xx

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