Ten on Ten :: December 2013

Happy Ten on Ten!
Finding life and beauty in the ordinary things of our day to day! 

Ok. I'll admit I had to dig deep this month. Surprisingly too. I've been so excited about the holidays, but this celebrating in the opposite season business has really been eating at me the past few days. I've actually been trying really hard to encorporate some holiday cheer into our little home, but feel like all of my projects are duds! This day ended with my husband rounding me up, wiping the chalk and tears off my face, and taking me out for a pint just to get my head out of my... well, to cool off and get my head straight... sigh... the holidays sure do have a way of messing with our emotions don't they? Well, cheers to another day...

{SidewalkChalk} {OurGrapevinesLookin'Good!} {TheNumbersGame} {We'llCallThisAnActOfDesperation}{UnfinishedBusiness} {The12BeersOfChristmas!} {TimeToGetCrackin'}{KiwiChristmas}{WellDoneLeopardPrintPlatforms..Rar..} {OdeToFellowExpats-BringBackTheAmericans!}

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