Tis the season :: South Island Wine and Food Festival

I'm not sure what I'm more excited about. The fact that Christmas is only two weeks away or that summer is upon us holding the expectation of another fabulous festival season! Wait... I just reread that last sentence, paused and then totally laughed out loud to myself... What a beautiful contradiction for a girl from the Northwest corner of the United States to ponder... I really don't think I'll ever get use to living in the opposite season as the calendar I was raised on says it is....

Anyway, the impending season was oh so evident on Saturday at the South Island Wine and Food Festival. The weather could not have been any more gorgeous bringing with it a mob of sunshine seekers keen to soak in its rays. I was so distracted by all the great sundresses and cute, strappy sandals that it has me itching to do some serious summertime dress shopping!

It felt so good being out in the sunshine enjoying some of the south island's finest fare, entertainment and sharing the day with so many great people. For the first time since moving here, Drew and I found ourselves toggling between multiple groups of friends from different circles all out for a good time. It finally feels like our network is growing and I had such a great time meeting new faces and getting to know a few of Drew's workmates a little better.

This season is already off to a great start and I'm eagerly looking forward to all that is in store!

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