Ten on Ten :: September 2014

Happy Ten on Ten!
Finding life and beauty in the ordinary things of our day to day! 

Well, today was pretty low-key as you can see... not a whole lot to report. Well, that's not entirely true, but I feel like I've been so neglectful of this space for so long that I actually have too many things I want to write about and just have know idea where to start... so I figured I'd just start with today. Like I said, totally low-key. Hung out at home doing a few of my favorite things. Baking. Reorganizing... And sorting through our ever so slow accumulation of adorable little girl / nursery items. All in all, it was a great day. :)

{Vitamins} {Smoothie Goodness} {Dishes} {Stocking Up On Essentials} {Cuteness} {Because Sometimes Things Just Need To Chill For A Bit} {Who Doesn't Love a Good Baby Bargain?} {Fun with Pastry Scraps} {Bump} {Vegetarian Quiche with Brown Rice Crust}

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