Ten on Ten on Eleven :: October 2014

I completely spaced yesterday. By the time I realized it was the tenth, well, it was almost over. So, I decided to capture today instead, which I guess makes this set Ten on Ten on Eleven... It really was a gorgeous spring Saturday. Unfortunately, Drew spent most of it at the office while I worked on a few projects around the house. At some point, I finally felt  cooped up and decided it was time to get out, so I wandered through the park, down to Drew's office to peel him away from his computer screen and convinced him to take me out to Orlean's for some good ol' American Creole in the heart of Christchurch! This place is so delicious! I could eat there at least once a week if my pocketbook approved... Later Drew convinced me it would be worth my time to bake him some cookies, so I did... and then I thought, you know, ice cream sandwiches would really round out the evening... and you know what? They did. :)

Happy Ten on Ten friends! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Xoxo

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